Take a Different Look at Marketing

A More Socially Responsible & Effective Approach to Growth…

through Brand Differentiation, Relationship Marketing & Cause Marketing

4 Y O U R  B R A N D   4 C O M M U N I T Y  4SUCCESS!


1 Own an Attribute Think Mercedes/prestige, Volvo/safety. The attribute that my company owns is 4 YOUR BRAND - 4 COMMUNITY -SUCCESS, because we facilitate partnerships between for-profit businesses & non-profit organizations which increases business sales -while assisting the cause, thereby improving the reach & reputation of both!!   What attribute can you own?

2 Promote a New Process or Service This strategy analyzes your target market(s) & what competitors are currently doing to fill needs. Then consider how you can create a new process or package that will make things easier/better. You want to be thinking new & different!  If your target market(s) is/are sick of the same old strategies, then this could be a good branding approach for you.

 3  Be the Expert This is one of the best strategies to differentiate your business!  1st, you need to be the expert in something specific--your niche. 2nd, you need others to see that you’re the expert by having great third party endorsements, such as testimonials, media quotes & guest speaking credits.

4  Own a Cause In 21st Century America, consumers don’t just look at product lines & pricing!  According to a Time Magazine study of 30,000 families, even as people acknowledge that times are tough, “38% of Americans over 18” – some 86 million people, reported buying products or services from companies they thought had responsible values and supported their communities!  This represents the rise of what Time is calling “The Ethical Consumer.” Don’t Miss Out on 38% of consumers…


So…You you want to increase your business sales and visibility, while at the same time differentiate yourself from your competitors & connect to the community?

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